Thursday, May 19, 2011

Midlands Angler Selected for Mepps Fishing Catalog

Bishopville's Joie McCutchen is a big fan of Mepps Aglia lures, especially when fishing for bluegills and shellcracker in local ponds and in the Wateree River. A photo of her with her favorite lure has been selected for the 2013 Mepps fishing catalog. The photo, which features Joie holding up a nice bluegill by the Aglia, caught the eye of Mepps public relations guru Jim Martinsen. About the photo, Martinsen said "Great catch. Pretty girl. Nice background."

Martinsen went on to say that the 2012 catalog has already gone to print, and that Joie's photo will appear in their 2013 catalog. Sign up to get your free copy of the catalog at, and check out all their nice fishing lures while you're there.

So does everyone agree with Martinsen about the catch, the girl, and the background? Yeah--I thought so....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wateree River Bream Fishing

The bream bite on the Wateree River is picking up. After all the recent rains, the water levels of the river fluctuated greatly in a short period of time. With no rain in the last few days, things have calmed down and the river is at a good level for navigating and fishing. The bream are spread out, so when you find a good bream hole, it's best to stay put until the bite forces you to leave. Bedding should pick up soon though and they will be easier to find.

Bluegills and shellcracker are being caught out of holes right next to each other, and they are both biting crickets and worms. Artificial lures like Mepps Aglia Spinners are not particularly effective right now, but a few bigger fish are being caught on such lures. Fish are hitting at depths of 3-6 feet, and when you find some bluegills but aren't catching any shellcracker, go about 18 inches deeper and you should pick some up.

Fish around the inside bends where the current is slacker, and you should find fish around any structure like fallen trees. Pay special attention to the big root balls of toppled trees that are lying in the river.

PhotosByBrianCope: A mixed bag of bluegills and shellcrackers crowds Joie McCutchen's stringer.

Joie shows off this shellcracker she caught on a Mepps Aglia spinner.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Midlands Angler Survives Harrowing Day

Sumter resident and tournament angler Mitch Seruya had a great day of fishing during the April 16th Carolina Angler's Team Trail on Lake Marion. With over 20 pounds of fish in the livewell and a storm approaching, he decided to head to the weigh-in spot over 2 hours early for the sake of safety. Due to the storm's early arrival, he didn't make it to the weigh in, but instead ended up clinging to the rocky shoreline of the Santee National Wildlife Refuge's Cuddo Unit, known locally as a hotspot for huge numbers of large alligators.

To see more details of Seruya's ordeal, check out the July issue of South Carolina Sportsman Magazine, where his story will be featured in the "Reader Report" section.

PhotoByMitchSeruya: With nothing to do but watch and wait for help, Seruya photographed his Ranger taking a beating by the April storm which brought lightning, a tornado, and hail his way, as well as 6-foot swells in Santee's big water.