Sunday, January 9, 2011

Screaming War Bird Wins Grand American

The 2011 Grand American Overall Winner has been crowned, and the honor goes to Screaming War Bird, a female treeing walker. The walker hails from Indian Trail, NC and is owned by Garrett Shearin and Josh Griffin.

Randy Steadman and Sam Drain of Kinport, TN took 2nd place with Ironman's Crank. Bowman, SC is home to the 3rd place finisher, Drain's Little Jake, owned by Sam Drain.

The Grand American, held annually in Orangeburg, is the nation's largest coon hunt. 402 dogs competed this year (50 more than competed last year) and estimates show that this year's crowd topped 30,000 folks.

Read more at South Carolina Sportsman Magazine's website here. Screaming War Bird is the 2011 Overall Winner of the Grand American.


  1. Gosh I did not know such an event takes place in SC each year. What do they do with all the dead racoons? Do they make a big stew for all to eat at the end, kind of like a fish fry? Or do people even eat racoons????

  2. Jacey, they don't actually kill any racoons during the Grand American. The dogs tree the 'coons and are scored on different aspects of the chase.

    I have heard of some folks eating racoons but never have. If you get a chance to go to the Grand American next year you should go check it out! Thanks for the question.