Friday, January 7, 2011

DHEC Warns Against Eating Fish from Catawba River System

Yesterday the Dept. of Health and Evironmental Control warned South Carolinians against eating more than a moderate amount of fish from the Catawba River System, which includes Lakes Wylie and Wateree, as well as the Catawba River, and the Fishing Creek and Cedar Creek Reservoirs.

The fish in these waters are polluted with PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), a cancer-causing material. These materials were once used in industrial settings but were banned by the federal government decades ago. Unfortunately the materials remain in the envirnonment and fish can accumulate PCBs.

DHEC's warning means people should not eat more than one meal of fish per week from this water source. They also warned that largemouth bass and bowfin (mudfish) have higher concentrations of PCBs than do catfish or bream.

PhotoByBrianCope: Mike Spinks shows off a buzzbait bass from Lake Wateree, one of the Catawba River System lakes.

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  1. Ba Ri An! My long ago friend from school! I searched for info on PCB's in South Carolina and I see this that you written! Too Funny! But not funny for you because I know you fish there!

    I am back in India. PCB's are problem here in much more than fish I am afraid. But no DHEC to warn like you have there. It's coverup too much so people just get sick, sick, sick.

    I am glad to find you. I am doing well and hope to get back to South Carolina summer. My mema says you still bring her fish so I guess wasn't just to flirt with me! Darn! Haha!