Friday, December 31, 2010

Four Hunting Dogs Dead, 13 Hunters Quarantined and Released

A dog drive on a Lee County hunt yesterday left 4 dogs dead and several others sick, and had 13 hunters quarantined at KershawHealth Medical Center. All but one of the hunters were released last night after being decontaminated. An 11-year old boy stayed overnight at the hospital and is expected to be released sometime today.

The hunting party noticed some of the dogs rolling around in an unidentified substance, and according to one of the hunters, 4 of the dogs died on the spot as other dogs approached and began sniffing the substance. The hunters also investigated the substance and experienced various symptoms. The SCDNR went to the scene and identified the substance as Temik, a pesticide that is used by farmers to kill nematodes and other pests. Unfortunately it is also sometimes placed in hot dogs and other meat products and left in the woods to kill coyotes and other pests, but is indiscriminate with who or what animals it affects. According to one of the hunters, Joie McCutchen, the Temik was "in a pile in the woods by a tree, ground up into something. We don't know yet what it was."

The remaining dogs are undergoing treatment by a Bishopville veterinarian and seem to be recovering well. To leave a comment for this report on the website click here.

PhotoProvided: Joie McCutchen, shown here with an early season buck in velvet, was one of the Lee County hunters involved in the Temik incident.

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  1. Oh goodness! I'm so sorry for the girl who lost her dogs.

    On another note it is a very good photo of her with the deer. A genuine Kodak moment!