Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cast and Blast

A friend of mine has a couple of ponds that I fish in quite a bit and in the past few months we've noticed Canada geese showing up occasionally. We've talked about hunting them and I finally got the chance to do so this afternoon. With no decoys or even a goose call, I decided to take along a fishing rod so I'd have a way to kill some time if no geese arrived. Even though it warmed up a bit late today, there was still a lot of ice on the pond, so I heard a lot of crunching as I slid my Native Watercraft kayak into the pond.

I positioned myself under some trees along one bank and hoped the geese would show up, casting a plastic worm as I waited. I didn't get any bites, but I did notice something that looked like an antler shed just in the woods off the near bank. Too early for sheds though, but I pulled my 'yak ashore and walked into the woods to check it out. It was the skull of an 8-point buck with both antlers still attached. The rest of the body was nowhere around, so I assume a dog carried the head a ways and dropped it here. Before long, I heard the telltale honking of geese in the distance so I relaunched the kayak, loaded my gun, and waited. The geese finally came in and offered me a perfect shot. Seven geese approached for a landing but only one hit the water, and that one got wet earlier than it expected thanks to some steel No. 2 Estate Cartridges. I retrieved the goose and waited a while thinking some other geese might show up, but none did. But there is always tomorrow!

PhotosByBrianCope: The 15-inch inside spread on this 8-point rack signaled an unfortunate demise to a promising deer. Native Watercraft, Benelli Nova, Canada Goose.

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  1. Awesome hunt report. Finding that 8-point skull was the kicker though, you've got to be having a good day to walk up on one of those - it will make a fine display. Good shooting on the BIG honker!