Friday, November 12, 2010

Pond Management Workshop

Cory Heaton of Clemson Extension came to Sumter Thursday night and put on a Pond Management 101 workshop for residents. Heaton provided a wealth of information on pond stocking ratios, and aquatic weed identification. He also had several handouts from SCDNR and Clemson Extension that covers the same information more in depth. A list of state certified fish suppliers was another handout, and this list surprised some residents of Sumter who did not realize that several fish suppliers are within such close proximity to their private ponds.

Some pond owners/managers brought in samples of aquatic weeds from their ponds. Heaton identified each one, and offered advice on how to manage those weeds. He also surprised several folks when he offered advice for stocking Tilapia in local ponds. These fish, which are a delicacy at many restaurants, can be stocked in the spring as 8" fish, and by fall, many of those fish have reached 2 pounds and have reproduced, with their offspring in the 1 pound range. The only downfall to tilapia is they will not live once the water temperature gets below 55 degrees, but that makes them easy to catch with a dip net, where they can then be filleted and fried, with plenty left over for the freezer.

For more information on Clemson Extension and the many programs they offer, visit their website at

PhotoByBrianCope: Pond Management 101 was offered by Clemson Extension Thursday night at Bethel United Methodist Church in Sumter.

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