Thursday, November 25, 2010

Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve Gains Land

Lexington County's Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve, a 461-acre preserve, is growing by 100 acres thanks to a recent acquisition of land by The Nature Conservancy of South Carolina. The additional acreage includes a high bluff and a longleaf pine forest, an important nesting site for several species of Palmetto State wildlife.

More longleaf is being planted aggresively, with the removal of slash pine to make room for longleaf seedlings and prescribed burning taking place.

Peachtree Rock is only about 20 minutes outside of Columbia and is important for several reasons. It features marine fossils, showing that this area was once shoreline. There is also a species of blueberry that is known to only grow in South Carolina. Peachtree Rock is named for a large, triangular shaped rock that is on the grounds of the preserve.

Bird-watching and hiking are activities that can be enjoyed year-round at Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve, and the 100 additional acreage will add even more to see. To find out more about Peachtree Rock and The Nature Conservancy of South Carolina, visit The Conservancy's website.

PhotosProvided: A longleaf pine seedling is poised to provide great habitat for many species. Peachtree Rock stands over 20-feet tall and is made of ironstone.

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