Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big Cats with Capt. Bill Saltzman

Capt. Bill Saltzman recently hosted the family of another captain. Capt. John Altenberg of Sea Tow Lake Murray joined Capt. Bill on Lake Santee for some catfishing, and it was a good day of fishing. Typical of fall days in South Carolina, the day started off on the cool side, and warmed up to short-sleeve weather by lunch time.

Drift fishing with cut bait, Capt. Bill found the catfish, and the Altenberg family caught several cats over 15-pounds as well as a few smaller fish that are perfect for frying. Capt. Bill says if you want to catch a trophy cat, book a trip with him in the next few weeks. The water temperature is cooling down and once it gets right around 60, the small cats will be pushed out by the cold and he will drift fish for the big boys, and catfish in the 45-pound range will be an attainable goal for each trip.

Check out Capt. Bill's website to find out more information about fishing with him. Visit and get ready for a workout on the water.

PhotosProvided: Capt. Bill coaches the youngest Altenberg, who has a catfish on the line.


  1. Great article and even better picture. I am stuck in Texas but have spending 30 days catfishing the Santee lakes on my "bucket list". Keep em coming!

    Chad Ferguson

  2. Thanks Chad. I don't imagine Texas is the worst place to be stuck for catfishing!