Friday, November 5, 2010

Backyard 9-pointer - Kershaw County

Austin Presler of Kershaw County didn't have far to go to take a nice 9-pointer earlier this week. Tuesday morning, Presler was getting ready for work when he noticed a deer in his backyard. It's one of the advantages of living out in the country that he enjoys. Now his backyard isn't a well-manicured 1-acre lot with bird feeders and a firepit. His backyard is scores of wooded acres full of deer and other wildlife. A busy young man, Presler enjoys walking through those woods at least for a few minutes each day. So with about 15-minutes to spare before hitting the road for work, he took his gun along for a stroll, spotted the deer right away, and had it loaded in the back of his truck with a few minutes to spare, which he used to convince his mom to snap a few photos.

Anyone lucky enough to have killed a deer just before work knows the logistics that come into play once the quarry has been downed. How to load the deer without getting the work clothes dirty, how to get the deer to the processor without being late for work, and making sure the processor knows just how you want the future mount caped are all details that many hunters wrestle with while also trying to get to work on time. But none of that bothered Presler, because he works at Peach Orchard Deer Processing in Dalzell (803-499-9036). So it was a normal working day for Presler, interrupted slightly by the time it took to load, then unload, his own deer--two tasks Presler was happy to perform.

Never tell Presler that you don't have time to hunt. It's just not an argument that a country boy like him is willing to buy.

PhotoCourtesyOf Kristi Westfall Presler: Austin Presler is all smiles about the 9-point buck he killed and then processed. That's truly being involved in the food chain!

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