Friday, October 8, 2010

Lee County Outdoorsman Bags 13-ft Gator

Lee County outdoorsman Anthony Messier paired up with Tail & Scale Outfitters to search for a gator on the waters of Lake Marion. Seeing several gators in the 8-9 foot range, Tail & Scale's Capt. Jordan Patrick and Trey Courtney told Messier they could do better than that, so they didn't pull out the crossbow until day 2 of the hunt, when Messier sent the crossbow bolt, which had a buoy attached, into the body of a 13-footer.

Messier then shot the gator with another bolt that had a bigger buoy attached and the fight was on--and what a fight it was! Once the gator was boatside, it took 3 hits from the bangstick to subdue the gator so the crew could hoist it aboard, leaving little room for Messier and the Tail & Scale team, but nobody was complaining.

Once ashore, the gator was taken to Cordray's Processing, where it was weighed and measured before being processed. The big Palmetto State lizard was 13-ft, 1-inch long and weighed 580 pounds.

PhotoProvidedByAnthonyMessier: Messier, who stands 6'4" tall, is dwarfed by his Santee gator.

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