Monday, October 18, 2010

Fishing with Drew

I took a fishing trip with professional kayak angler Drew Gregory last week. Gregory is the founder of the River Bassin' Tournament Trail which held its inaugural season in 2010. The trail's title sponsor is Bass Pro Shops, and the 2010 tour featured 5 tournaments, all with their captain's meetings and weigh-ins at Bass Pro Shops stores in 4 different states.

The River Bassin' Tournament Trail is all about catching bass on river from human powered craft, be they canoes, kayaks, float tubes, or even just humans standing on shore. Gregory, who fell in love with river fishing at an early age while fishing with his dad, had trouble finding the perfect craft for river fishing, so he teamed up with a relatively young kayak company and designed his own river craft. The Coosa, by Jackson Kayak, is a revolutionary fishing kayak. Instead of using base model touring kayaks and slightly modifying them for fishing as most kayak manufacturers have done, Jackson Kayak put Gregory in charge of developing their very first fishing kayak from scratch.

The result is a dream craft for river anglers. It's extremely stable, allowing anglers to stand and even make a few steps forward and turn around. It also features a molded in area for installing a retractable drag chain, an important feature for river anglers who up until now have always had to rig up their own drag chain system.

The Coosa also has a lockable rod storage compartment and a locking mechanism to secure it to your truck or car top. A 2-position seat allows you to sit higher while fishing and lower when running through rapids. The seat also removes completely so you can use it as a camp chair when sitting around the fire after a day of fishing.

To check out the rest of the unique features on the Coosa, check out Gregory's website at or see it at Jackson Kayak's website, And check out the River Bassin' Tournament Trail at

By the way, we caught a few fish on the Catawba River just below the Lake Wylie dam. It's a good time to go, and will be even better once the water temperature falls low enough to start killing some Lake Wylie shad, which get sucked through the dam and discarded into the river, where the bass know they can get an easy meal.

PhotoByBrianCope: Drew shows off a nice 4+ pound largemouth he caught on a buzzbait just a few hundred yards below the Lake Wylie dam.

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