Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No Deer, but Still a Double-header

Two Horatio hunters took to the woods over the Labor Day weekend to do a little deer hunting. Getting in stands about 200 yards from each other, Gary Martin and Jake Reny were both hunting for the first time this season. The got in the woods around 4 p.m. and had decided to stay until dark. Around 5 p.m., Martin saw a group of feral hogs come through his food plot but decided to let them be, hoping the few hours of daylight still left would produce a deer. Meanwhile, Reny was looking at a field full of deer, but they were all does. Reny watched these deer move on, only to be replaced by a few button-bucks and a small 4-pointer, all of which he let pass.

Martin's group of hogs, however, stayed put the whole time and just before dark, he decided to take one. He pulled the trigger on the one he selected, then heard a rifle report less than a minute later. As he loaded his hog onto his ATV, he figured his buddy had shot a buck, and they'd have pork and venison for supper. But Reny showed up with another hog. They weighed the hogs and they were within 15 pounds of each other--one going 150 and the other 165. It wasn't what they were initially hoping for when they sat in their stands, but it beats getting skunked. That's one thing about deer hunting in the Palmetto State; you always have the chance of taking a hog if the deer don't show up.

PhotoProvided: When the right deer didn't show up, these two hunters still came out of the woods with plenty of meat for the table.

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