Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Bass Frog on the Market

Top-water fishing for bass with soft plastic frogs has been an exciting way to catch largemouth, and until recently, just about every frog lure manufacturer's offerings looked so similar that it was hard to distinguish one brand from the next. Lure designers were having to patent the shapes of the frog's eyes and color schemes to set themselves apart from competitors.
But there's a new kid in town now, and the design of this new frog isn't just different, it's radically different.

While some plastic frogs have skirts for legs, others have plastic legs that are shaped like a real frog's legs, but they stay almost completely stationary. This new frog, Capt. Ken Daubert's Designer Clone Series (, has a flexible rubberband-ish section of plastic with feet facing forward when the frog is at rest. Upon twitching the frog, the legs sweep back, then sweep forward again. This gives a more realistic retrieve for frogging anglers, and from yesterday's trip to a local pond, it is a hit with the bass as well.

I didn't catch any monsters with the Clone Frog, but I caught more than a few fish, and I'm sure I'll get into some big boys with these frogs before the fall bite turns off.

PhotoByBrianCope: This 12-incher is nothing to brag about, but it sure was fun watching her come up and swipe that frog off the surface.

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