Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Little Pee Dee Fishing

The cooler morning and evening temperatures are good for fishermen in more ways than one. It makes it more comfortable to be on the water, and it also keeps the fish in the mood to feed. Two midlands anglers found that to be the case a few days ago when fishing out of Pitts Landing on the Little Pee Dee River.
Tim Glover fished for largemouth bass with spinnerbaits and buzzbaits while his wife Sissy tossed nothing but a white Beetlespin all day. Tim caught a about a dozen bass but reports "nothing was big enough to raise an eyebrow." Sissy stayed plenty busy with her Beetlespin, catching a range of species including a channel catfish, several small bass, and a host of bream.

Most of their bites came in eddies and natural breaks in the current, and when they left the river at 1 p.m., the fish were still biting.

PhotosProvided: Sissy Glover shows off a few of the fish she caught out of Pitts Landing-a bluegill, a channel cat, and a warmouth.

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