Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pig Pickin' Anyone?

Midlands area hunters have plenty of opportunities to pursue wild game and fish, and one of those opportunities is hunting wild hogs. According to the SCDNR, some of the highest concentrations of wild hogs in South Carolina can be found along the Richland County/Sumter County border along the banks of the Wateree River.
While our lowcountry brethren are already hunting deer, those of us in the midlands have to wait a little while longer, but the high numbers of hogs in our area give us plenty of reason to get out in the woods. There are several ways to hunt hogs, and one way is by sitting in a deer stand. Deer and hogs eat much of the same foods and travel many of the same routes, so hunting from a deer stand over a food plot is one good strategy for getting a shot at some pork chops.

PhotoByBrianCope: This Sumter County hunter put this pig on the ground while sitting in a deer stand just before dark.

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