Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cooler Weather, Less Pressure, Good for Fishing

As September draws near, the mornings and evenings have already begun hinting that fall is in the air. We've still got our share of scorchers left before the cool weather sets in for good, but this week gave Midlands outdoorsmen just a crumb of what is right around the corner.

Many anglers are likely tired of the heat, and by all accounts, the fish have felt that way for a while now too. Just the few mornings we've had with cooler weather have boosted most everyone's fishing reports, and some other seasonal changes having to do with more than the weather are also providing less fishing pressure on our local waters.

High school football is already in full swing, college football starts this week, and hunting season is just days away, so those activities will be keeping a lot of folks off the water. Take advantage of the cooling weather and the smaller crowds on your favorite body of water and catch some fish. Before you know it, the fish will have shut down for the winter, and then you can take to the woods in search of deer.

Photo shows a nice bass taken Friday morning when the day was still nice and cool. This largemouth has me currently in 13th place in the Awful August Challenge at It will take a 23+ inch bass by Tuesday night to leapfrog me into the top spot, which wins a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 kayak.

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