Friday, July 16, 2010

Vote YES - on The Right to Hunt and Fish

In November there will be many choices for registered voters of the Palmetto State to make decisions about the political leadership, and to decide other issues and rights. One such example is the Referendum on South Carolinian's constitutional right to hunt and fish - yes, it's on the same ballot as the Governor's race. On Monday July 12 the SC Camo Coalition's steering committee ( met in Columbia to discuss getting the word out to sportsmen, their families, and other parties that seek to hold up the right to hunt and fish in S.C. as a positive and permanent form of outdoor recreation. With only 5000 'e-mail' members and virtually no funding, this is going to be a Grass Roots campaign, and education about this upcoming vote will be a priority for MidlandsOutdoors. Whether a hunter or an angler, skeet shooter, conservationist, nature-watcher, forest landowner or mother (women are the fastest-growing subset of sporting enthusiasts) - we need to be unified come November about the Vote Yes campaign for the Right to Hunt and Fish. The National Rifle Association has begun a campaign to educate its membership via their position on the Second Ammendment, and more information may be found at Why is this referendum important? It ensures that future hunting and fishing rights are not challenged by "Anti" hunting groups. While there has not been much attention by the "Anti's" in S.C. - did you know that PETA was behind the forced curtailment of egg sales by a religious organization in Moncks Corner?

Many S.C. families owe our sporting heritage some acknowledgement for all the times that ancestors provided for loved ones from the bounty of natural resources in the Palmetto state.

Vote Yes in November to continue a responsible and sustainable harvest for all time.

PhotoByJohnGribb: Two sportsmen share fellowship over a boykin spaniel, the S.C. state dog, while in pursuit of Gentleman Bob - the prince of gamebirds. Vote Yes to ensure moments like this in the future!

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