Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Striper Regulations

As of July 1st, there are new regulations for striper fishing in Lake Russell, the inshore waters and territorial sea, and the Santee and Cooper River systems.

For Lake Russell, no more than 2 striped bass may be taken or possessed, and only one of these fish can exceed 34 inches in length. These new regulations cover all waters from the Lake Russell Dam to the Lake Hartwell Dam and the Lake Secession Dam.

The new laws for inshore waters and territorial sea waters states that no more than 3 striped bass may be kept, no striped bass over 26-inches may be kept, and no striped bass may be possessed without the head and tail fin intact.

In the Santee and Cooper River Systems, no striped bass may be harvested between June 1 and October 30. This is a continuation of a law that has been on the books for a couple of years. However, while it was legal to practice catch and release on stripers during that time, now it is also unlawful to catch, or attempt to catch, striped bass during this closed season.

PhotoByBrianCope: One of South Carolina's State Fish, the striped bass, comes to the net.

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