Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Night Hunting Laws

A good Midlands hog.
The South Carolina General Assembly has made changes to the Palmetto State's night hunting laws, adding coyotes, armadillos, and hogs to the list of animals that can be legally hunted at night.

Coyotes and armadillos share identical restrictions. Hunters are allowed to have an artificial light that is attached to them by way of helmet or hat, or part of a belt system worn by the hunter. Rifles no larger than .22 caliber rimfire, shotguns with shot size BB or smaller, or a sidearm of any caliber with iron sights and a barrel-length of 9 inches or shorter are allowed. No scopes are allowed on any firearms and no laser sights, light-emitting devices, or light-enhancing devices are allowed on the firearms. It is also illegal to hunt coyotes and armadillos from a vehicle unless a special permit is received from the DNR.

The laws are a little different for hunting hogs at night. The main difference is that for hunting hogs, no long guns are permitted. Only sidearms with a barrel-length not to exceed 9 inches are allowed, and these sidearms must have iron sights. As with hunting coyotes and armadillos, hunters may wear a light on their head or on a belt system, and the sidearms are not allowed to have lights, lasers, or scopes attached. It is legal to hunt hogs at night with dogs while following these firearms restrictions.

With these new laws in effect the SCDNR wishes to stress that it is still illegal to hunt deer at night by any means.

PhotoByBrianCope: The new night hunting laws make it legal to hunt during night-time hours for coyotes, armadillos, and hogs like this Midlands specimen, which was killed last year along the banks of the Wateree River in the Horatio area of SC.

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