Friday, July 2, 2010

License Renewal Day - July 1

Fishermen! Don't get caught on the water during your July 4th holiday without an up to date fishing license. In South Carolina, all fishing and hunting licenses expire on June 30, and sometimes a simple reminder is all a sportsman needs in order to get 'current.' Going down to the tackle shop is still a good option for renewing licenses because then you can get a recent fishing report as well. Or sportsman can head over to their local DNR office in Columbia for direct dealings with the state agency. Going online for license purchasing is likely the most popular route, or mail in a license query, which allows a laminated license card to be returned in the mail. The laminated license tends to withstand freshwater fishing season, ducks ponds and the like very well. Sportsmen should consult the vendors about what age youths should have a fishing license, and in the case of senior sportsmen - at what age to they qualify for the state's gratis license. NEW this year is the option to purchase a three-year license for hunting and fishing which came from the S.C. General Assembly. The three-year license policy will help generate funds that go towards habitat restoration projects that license fees support, and besides that - anglers have only to remember once every three years to renew that license before fishing on the 4th!

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