Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gulf Savers - Donate for Habitat and Wildlife

What can a Sandlapper do to help with the situation caused by the oil spill in the Gulf? Basically, sending money is likely the best option to ensure that needs are met with exactly the right equipment. Two options concerning donations have come to the attention of LowcountryOutdoors, and the residents along the Gulf states have certainly been on our minds and in our prayers. Gulf Savers at are asking for $25 donations that will go towards Wetland Restoration Solutions. Further information can be gleaned from Gulf Savers surrogate Want to work within the Palmetto state to raise funds for the gulf? A partnership has been struck between Upstate Forever, the S.C. Wildlife Federation and the Coastal Conservation League with drop-off locations in each part of the state. Ben Gregg of the SCWF said, "Donating supplies and gift cards is one way to directly and immediately make a positive impact." Gift cards should be to stores like Staples, Home Depot, Target, Walmart and REI because the volunteers on the ground need items like GPS units, clipboards and backpacks. For more information visit the Internet at

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