Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Santee Bream and Crappie Fishing

Ken Nutter of Sumter has been doing a lot of fishing in the Sparkleberry Swamp section of Lake Santee lately, and he reports the crappie and bream have been biting well. He has focused much of his attention on the area in Sparkleberry known as Dead Lake (also shows up on maps as Risers or Risers Lake).                                      Mr. Nutter has been catching the crappie on live minnows fished 2-4 feet below a slip bobber, and has been catching them up close to cypress trees. He simply crosses over Dead Lake and fishes down the outside line of cypress trees. He stresses that you need not fret over getting your bait hung in the cypress stumps--you will get hung up from time to time, and if you don't, then you aren't fishing close enough to the structure to really find the fish.

The crappie bite has been shutting down once the day starts to heat up, but Mr. Nutter has a remedy for when this happens. He crosses back over Dead Lake and trolls up that outside line of cypress trees, dunking nightcrawlers for bream, which have been hitting readily.

PhotosByBrianCope: Ken Nutter does battle with a Dead Lake crappie in Sparkleberry Swamp. A sampling of Nutter's catch on a recent outing.

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