Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wateree River Float & Fish joined some friends this past Saturday for a kayak float & fish trip down the Wateree River. Meeting at the Hwy. 1/601 bridge in Camden, we loaded all the boats into one truck and headed upriver. We entered the river at the base of the Wateree Dam and floated on down to our exit point, fishing along the way.

Several varieties of bream were caught along with some largemouth bass, white perch, and one striper. We took our time, anchoring in several spots when we'd find a bream bed. We got rained on at times but the rain never got too heavy and the cloud cover was nice. We arrived at the exit point about 8 hours later and with a cooler full of bream for the fryer.

This is a great float trip for anyone looking for a fun way to spend a day. The first mile of this leg of the Wateree River is full of rocks and shoals, resulting in a small taste of whitewater. The river widens and deepens after that, and the current slows somewhat. Bluff banks and sandbars are prominent throughout the rest of this section of the river, with plenty of big rocks mixed in for some diversity. A few feeder creeks are also present on this stretch, and we were able to paddle up into one--Grannie's Quarter Creek--where the fish were stacked up in the calmer water.

PhotosByBrianCope: Bluegills like this were easy to catch on spinners and red wigglers. Morgan Watt studies the shoals to make his navigation easier. This heron was just one of several bird species spotted on the day. Anthony Messier does a little fishing in Grannie's Quarter Creek.

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