Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pond Fishing

Nothing says Spring like a little pond fishing. This is a great way to check out the fishing gear and your own hook-setting instincts, and also a great time to put kids on the fish. After months of cold weather, the recent soaring temperatures have the bream and largemouth bass very active and ready to feed.

Kershaw County resident Ray McElveen has two farm ponds that I've had the good fortune to be invited to, and along with Ray and his son and some other friends, we've caught good numbers of largemouth and our share of bream. The ponds are full of little 1-lb bass and Ray is trying to thin the herd a little, so we've been keeping these bass for a fish-fry.

Spinners and plastic worms have been working great for these bass, and the plastic Itzabug lure has accounted for most of the ones I've caught. Spinners and live crickets have been productive for catching bluegills and shellcrackers.

Ray's son, Grant McElveen, shared his strategy for catching largemouth in these ponds. He'll cast out a plastic worm parallel to the shore, and leaving the bail open on his reel, he'll walk along the bank letting line out as he goes. When he's walked the length of the bank, he'll begin his long retrieve, allowing him to fish a great amount of water despite his limited casting ability.

PhotosByRayMcElveen: Grant McElveen, a/k/a "The Fish Slayer," shows off a couple of the bass he's recently caught while pond fishing.

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