Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's a Worm, it's a Crawdad, Itzabug!

Stanley Jigs has a new soft plastic lure on the market that incorporates features of several different plastic lures. The 4-inch long Itzabug is like a short plastic worm with crawdad claws and tentacles. The body is made up of flexible rings that give the body a thicker profile, but they also trap air which is then released as tiny air bubbles, adding to the attention-getting features of the lure.

I tested out the lure today with help from Morgan Watt. Fishing a friend's pond, we found the Itzabug to be quite the fish-catcher. Having no luck with a white plastic worm, Morgan switched to an Itzabug and caught a largemouth on his next cast. That prompted me to trade my spinnerbait, which had produced no fish, for an Itzabug of my own. A few casts later and I was into a bass myself, but not before Morgan had already landed another.

Morgan was using a worm-weight with his Itzabug and had it Texas-rigged, and I was going weightless. Results were very similar, with Morgan catching 7 bass over the next hour while I caught 8. What impressed us the most was the durability of these little lures. Plastic lures take a beating when you're catching fish--the hook has to pass all the way through the plastic every time you hook a fish, but neither of us had to use a second Itzabug.

The Itzabug is available in 8 colors and can be found wherever you buy fishing tackle. Or order direct from Stanley by visiting their website at

PhotosByBrianCope: Switching to the Itzabug made a good day of fishing.

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