Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Fishing Gear - Abu Garcia

Anticipating a big year of fishing for 2010, I’ve acquired some new fishing gear. One rod-and-reel combination I recently got comes from Abu Garcia, one of the fishing companies owned by Pure Fishing. The new Abu Garcia Soron 20 is now part of my spinning reel stable, and one unique feature sold me on this reel. Two rubber rings are inset into grooves in the spool of this reel, allowing braided line to be spooled on without using tape or monofilament backing.

Braided line is often difficult to get started on a spool because it is so slick that the spool simply revolves around without catching the braid. These two rubber rings give the braid something to grip against, so adding braid to this reel is as simple as adding monofilament or copolymer line to any other reel.

But that’s not the only selling feature on this reel. Abu Garcia is world-renowned for making quality fishing reels, and this reel looks to be no exception. It’s rated for freshwater or saltwater, thanks to the same material used in making Abu Garcia’s highly successful Revo line of low-profile baitcasters. This material, X-Craftic aluminum alloy, is strong, light, and corrosion-resistant. The Soron also has a stainless steel shaft and is loaded with 11 corrosion-resistant ball bearings and a sealed drag.

I paired the Soron 20 with Abu Garcia’s newest fishing rod, the radically designed Vendetta. I choose this rod because Pure Fishing claims it is “factory-tuned” to match the Soron. It features graphics and an aluminum reel screw that have previously only been found in much more expensive rods. It’s made of graphite, is very lightweight, strong, and has a built-in hook keeper. The split-grip handle is constructed of high density EVA, keeping weight down and comfort up.

Other sizes and models are available and can be ordered directly from Abu Garcia at For more offerings by Abu’s parent company, check out

PhotosByBrianCope: The rubber rings on the spool eliminate the need for tape or backing when spooling with braided line. The Vendetta rod is factory tuned to complement the Soron reel, but Abu Garcia missed the mark on the color scheme.

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